a moment of fidelity and perpetual agreement

an occasional ripple...

brett brady


[writer, singer, actor, athlete, lyricist, composer, illustrator, lecturer, teacher, coach, news reporter, bus driver, lighthouse sweeper, lobster fisherman, house builder, house parent, construction worker, songwriter, guitarist, flautist, filmmaker, playwright, printer, publisher, director, producer, professor, feasibility adviser, paper boy, garbage man, salesman, life-counselor, camp-counselor, college dean, university executive vice-president, farmhand, and quite likely a few more…]

“There are many wonderful haijin out there deftly presenting the case for haiku. I’m probably better suited as an observer; rather more like a student of the art than a lawyer for its defense [or prosecution.]” 

“Anonymity  [the closest we can get to invisibility] facilitates a wish/need to breathe-in each now-moment as fully liberated as possible... there is a serene freedom in solitude. It affords an extraordinary luxury to absorb life… wherein, sometimes, I might jot down a few ordinary notes.”

“To quote Ryokan [a favorite poet]:

the nightingale’s song 
brings me out of a dream:

the morning glows”

…then the very fine haijin ai li: 
“quiet observation enables us to write truthfully”

to which I can only add:


Examples of his work appear in various publications, some of which are:

Across the Dark [pub: Celestial Arts]; Tearing Mind/Silent Streams [Sea Litho Press]; Dalhousie Gazette [Joseph Howe Award; archives]; Haiku Journal [2nd annual International Yuki Teikei Haiku Contest; Sumitomo Bank Award]; Cicada; Dragonfly; Poet; Lucidity; Quiet Storms [Michael Hoppe, Gaia Records]; The Yearning [Michael Hoppe; pub: Chordially Yours Music; Bainbridge Records]; The Dreamer [Michael Hoppe; pub: Chordially Yours Music; Bainbridge Records]; Requiem [Michael Hoppe; pub: Chordially Yours Music]; Today’s Beautiful Gem [e-mag]; Quotes That Leave A Mark [e-pub]; Jiyu-Katari [New Haiku Contest (awarded)]; The Hawaii Education Association International Haiku Contest [for: “humorous” (senryu); “Hawaii word”; “season word”]; Clouds Peak;Tiny Words;The Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival (2009); andrearazzauti.com; brettbrady.com; foggy autumn lake [B.Brady; A.Razzauti; M.Perez; pub:4evrsumr]; two eagles soaring [B.Brady; M. Hoppe; pub:4evrsumr] -

Brett continues to live on the Big Island of Hawaii, where he raised his daughter -


        foggy autumn lake...

an occasional ripple

              to break the silence

                                                                                                -brett brady


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